Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are a great way to bring light into darker areas of a home  with the minimum amount of fuss and maximum impact.

If you have an older home that could really do with more natural light in living areas, kitchens, hallways or bedrooms, we encourage you to explore the SolarBright option.

Check out the benefits below, along with examples of New Zealand homes using SolarBright.



1. Easy to Install

The Maxlight Tubular Skylight has been designed for easy installation by one of our approved installers in just a couple of hours or even by anyone with good home handyman skills. 

2. Maximum light

The Maxlight Tubular Skylight uses a silver anodised super highly reflective solid shaft. This ‘second to none’ solid shaft delivers the most light for volume.

3. Cost Effective

Keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket by switching off your lights and cutting down on your power bill. Also get the added benefit of bringing natural light into your home!

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