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Acrylic skylights

An affordable and effective option for replacing existing acrylic domes and single glazed skylights

Acrylic Skydome
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Acrylic Skydome

The original Skydome

This low cost, one piece acrylic dome has been supplied since the 1960's and can be found on many schools and factories around New Zealand. Until recently these acrylic domes were still being produced from the original molds. It is no longer economical to continue the production from these original molds but we do have available New Zealand made, steel frame/double glazed direct replacement skylights for these as well as a simple acrylic dome for a more cost effective option. We can also supply with trafficable or security glazing if required in both clear and opaque in the steel frame option.


  • Five standard sizes - S1 size available on request
  • Clear or opaque finishes available
  • Pre-drilled fixing holes
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Acrylic Skydome
Acrylic Clearlite Skydome

Standard Sizes

520mm x 520mm 825mm x 825mm 1100mm x8000mm
1120mm x 1120mm 1670mm x 1010mm

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