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Glass Roofs and Atriums

Working closely with New Zealand's best glass fabricators, we now offer custom Glass Roofs and Atriums

Custom Glass Roof installation
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Product Information

A glass roof can cast more than triple that amount of light as a similar sized vertical window. The utilisation of Davantech glass roofs can guarantee that spaces are lit by natural light, with practically no artificial lighting required.

Glass roofs can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs and are designed to fill your room with natural light saving you on energy costs. With Davantech glass roofs and atriums you are proven to be up to 15% neurologically healthier.

Our glass roofs are fully code-compliant, using fit-for-purpose structural glass, which is bonded to a coated steel frame.

Davantech glass roofs are a good option instead of windows when there are sizing restrictions or privacy issues. In changed upper room spaces for instance, where windows aren’t appropriate, openable bay windows can give both light and ventilation to a generally dull and dusty space.

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