Keylite Skylights


Keylite Skylights or roof windows are designed to be easy for installers to put in place and seal from the inside of the building, which makes them a very popular choice with builders and architects.

Brackets are already in place and the expanding thermal collar means the gap between the window frame and the roof is rapidly filled. 

Check out the options below in terms of features, sizing and style, plus watch the video at the bottom of the page to see one of these skylights being installed within two minutes from start to finish!



Keylite Top Hung Roof Window
Keylite Centre Pivot Roof Window

Top Hung

Center Pivot

Keylite Fixed Roof Window



  • Flick-Fit Brackets                             

  • High Thermal Performance          

  • NZ metal roof flashings compatible

  • Integrated Thermal Collar    

  • Click-Fit Hood & Cover         

  • Low Profile Hood                        

  • Sealed in NZ

  • UV Proof Sealant                          

  • Warm Edge Glazing  

  • Self Cleaning Glass


  • Glass Spec of Your Choice 

  • Surface Fitted Blind          

  • Integral Blind

  • Electric Operation            

  • Pine Finish        

  • White Finish                             





  • 550mm x 780mm

  • 550mm x 980mm         

  • 780mm x 980mm

  • 780mm x 1180mm            

  • 780mm x 1400mm      

  • 1140mm x 1180mm

  • 1140mm x 1400mm

  • 1140mm x 1400mm



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