The world of custom roof windows

April 3, 2023

Who wants just a square windowless box to live in? With the latest advances in construction methods and building materials, the limit of what can be achieved in both residential and commercial builds continues to expand. What this means for both the client and the designers and engineers is that we can work around existing structures and custom manufacture our roof windows to fit in with the existing design or building without having to try and shoehorn in a generic pre-sized rectangle.

Structurally, we are really only limited by the sheet sizes of glass we can source, and even then with clever and forward thinking design ideas we can virtually construct an entire roof plane from glazing. Now, the practicalities of such an installation are questionable at best, having an entire residential home as essentially, a conservatory or glasshouse (great for growing tomatoes but not much else), is just not feasible but just think of being able to bring that much of the outside, inside! Star gazing at night, watching a storm roll across the landscape and sky above, watching Elon Musk's satellite arrays traverse the night sky...

The more we think outside of those rectangular, windowless boxes and start exploring the different angles and planes, shapes and sizes of roof glazing that can be incorporated into our designs, the more exciting the spaces we live in will be. We have already talked about the incredible benefits natural light has on our general wellbeing but also being able to connect with our surroundings is part of our nature as humans.

Our ultimate goal here at Unique Skylights is to help lift the constraints of modern building practices and free up the creativity of our architectural and construction industry partners to help build better homes and workplaces. As our entire industry continues to advance both materially and practically this goal will progress towards becoming a reality and the spaces we inhabit simply cannot help but get better.

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