The changing building industry

February 22, 2023

The last two to three years of constant lockdowns, supply and labour shortages, unpredictable weather events and unprecedented demand has certainly been a challenging time for the wider construction industry and associated trades. For those who have weathered these times have for the most part come out stronger than ever. For the many who have overcommitted and happen to be sitting on overvalued real estate I am sure there are still nervous times ahead but this too shall come to pass.

It is, for us at least, an incredibly exciting time to be part of the current market and as we continue to navigate the wider landscape we are incredibly proud to have partnered with powerful forces in the industry who share our passion for this niche market and are committed to a bright future. Our depth of expertise continues to broaden along with our product portfolio and we are now providing the market with better and better products and services.

Every industry partner we work with is as committed as we are

The incoming final steps of H1 compliance changes are coming fast and we welcome these changes with open arms, as EVERY Kiwi deserves a warm and comfortable home. Every industry partner we work with is as committed as we are and already have in place products and procedures to be able to meet and exceed the required compliance standards.

With the commercial sector having been working to these new standards since November '22, we now have plenty of experience specifying H1 compliant products across the board and are confident in the solutions we have been supplying to clients so far.

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